end of MatCie

Some sad news, as one of my new years intentions, I decided to stop developing and supporting my MatCie application.

MatCie, which stands for Materialen ComissIE (Dutch words), was/is a program that is designed to help sports clubs (focus field hockey) handle their assets. It keeps track of what is in stock, what is lent to the club members. What deposits are paid by who, and it helps the volunteers to hand out and retrieve vast quantities with ease.

I started to build this application about two years ago out of frustration because there were no good or useful tools to help me as commissioner and responsible for the materials.

I also “used” the project to get get my rusty PHP skills up to par again. I succeeded, but still, there is a lot of refactoring to do.
MatCie was and possibly still successfully used in production by one field hockey club.

Due to time constraints and lack of interest (both sides,so also from club side), I decided to fyllu stop developing and support this application. I Donated the source code to the club who is now using it so they can take the application further and, if needed, extend and bug-fix it.
Also, if anybody else is interested, you can request the source code.
The domain name and the use of the logo will not be part of the “free-package” Both can be bought if anybody is interested.

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